Investing in Aggero


In the midst of online gaming becoming one of the most important digital channels in the world for the valuable 18-34 demographic, bValue and GapMinder are investing 650k euros in Aggero – a platform powering influencer campaigns with AI-driven analytics. Aggero allows marketers to maximize their ROI in the gaming sector through influencer discovery and live detailed campaign monitoring.

These days, being a gamer isn’t just about playing. It’s about watching too. And the best professional streamers record themselves playing live at amped-up levels while offering colorful commentary, and can draw millions of subscribers via streaming services like Twitch, Caffeine, Facebook, and YouTube Gaming.

“Watching others play video games is an industry? 495M people say yes.”

Like many other professional influencers, gaming streamers make income through sponsorships, subscriptions, and marketing. While this influencer marketing trend has been going strong since the mid-2010s, it’s still relatively undervalued. Total gamer streaming revenue is projected to grow 35% at an annual rate, from an estimated $86 billion in 2019 to roughly $390 billion in 2024. Total streaming revenue is set to grow 35% at an annual rate worldwide, while gaming consistently attracts a higher percentage of total media channels spend. The current number of e-sports audience is estimated by the research agency Newzoo at over 495 million people. Age analysis shows that the largest percentage of this audience are people between 18-34 years of age, which makes it a very appealing target for advertisers. Fans also pay close attention to what streamers wear, say, use, and listen to.

Marketing in the world of gaming however still remains surprisingly unstructured and marketers lack tools and features available in other channels.

Aggero is a platform that addresses these needs by offering detailed campaign monitoring, deep audience insights, and influencer discovery for the esports and gaming industries.

With over 500K gaming influencers database, which creates a great pool of content creators to choose from when launching a campaign. However, what makes Aggero so powerful is the fact that it also identifies streamers outside the platform that fit best the advertisers’ requirements.

The platform tracks various metrics from different social media and streaming sites and finds the best matching buying persona across different audiences and because of that, it maximizes the marketing ROI, as the campaigns have true potential to convert into sales.

Aggero was founded by Cristian Manea – a gaming industry insider with over 10 years of relevant experience. The majority of the current team is located in Romania, UK and Poland where they attract top game industry talent.

The investment is meant to support further development of the Aggero platform and boost its expansion in international markets making it a “go-to tool” for marketers in the gaming industry.

The company has already attracted Founders Factory, a prominent accelerator, alongside a number of angel investors connected with the world of esports, gaming, and technology. Aggero’s unique set of investors and advisors also include individuals involved with companies like Cisco, TikTok, Vindex. In 2021 company raised seed round from LAUNCHub Ventures and GAPminder.


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