Investing in MoreGrowth

Amid an early-stage investment slowdown in Poland, bValue together with Inovo, Market One Capital and reputable angel investors, invests in More Growth, in the largest yet pre-seed round in Poland so far.

Have you ever searched for an answer to a particular question online and instead of getting it in a concise form you were directed to a random blog site with content that does not help you at all? Perhaps you were looking for advice on interest rates on your mortgage, or supplements for boosting the immune system during winter. The internet is full of content however still much of it is of low quality and not trustworthy not really helping users to get precise information.

More Growth’s mission is to provide internet users with reliable information and advice, supported by real industry experts in an easily accessible and digestible format.

All thematic blogs are created in a similar model. More Growth identifies the largest underserved markets with organic user traffic and responds by providing high quality content vetted by industry experts and insiders. Through carefully researched content and best SEO practices the website reaches a large audience, and its further growth is stimulated by curated and verified products directly related to the theme of the blog, created together with professionals from the area.

The company has already launched its services in the space of personal finance, parenting, and personal care under the following domains:,,,

More Growth currently works hard to create the best quality content to each of the launched websites in order to provide site visitors with the most accurate and reliable answers to their life changing questions. With time, new market segments will be explored.

The project is led by an experienced team Kuba Koziej, Piotr Sosnowskiand their co-founders. The founders previously ran the startup Zety(formerly InterviewMe), which was later sold to the American company Bold. The key to building this success was the extensive use of SEO potential and building a unique internal culture of high performance and drive. Both of these components will be crucial in the development of More Growth as the company plans on scaling its team up to 50 members by the end of 2022.

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