unique platform designed for penetration testers

online mental health platform

in-space transportation services

SaaS tool that simplifies talent analysis and growth

high-quality furniture & accessories

Workplace & Tenant experience platform

Booking platform for outdoor unique places

Creating online brands in wellness, finance and parenthood

AI tools to support radiologists in x-ray screening

An open-source, custom booking solution that makes reservations easier for companies and clients

Peer-to-peer lending platform for farmers

Operator of smart, dark hubs for sustainable mobility

A visual content builder for e‑commerce that works inside any headless CMS

A location intelligence platform for gaining insights about your customers

Smart indoor farming and green oases

A gaming influencer marketing platform for brands

Femine care products with trusted ingridients

A landing page builder for generating leads

Intelligent chatbots for online brands

An innovative, last line of cyberdefense for SaaS data

Revolutionary, AI-based delivery logistics for businesses

Online English lessons with world-class teachers and monthly progress reports.

100% natural juices, vitamin SHOTs, functional drinks and plant-based milk

A smart transport & logistics management platform

Short term rental management


A tool for improving your search engine rankings


A tool that initiates sales calls with website visitors


A fully automatic drought beer dispense system


A producer of superfoods and wellbeing solutions


A push notification platform to boost conversions in e-com


Identity solutions for a multi-ID, cookie-less world


An employee benefit platform for enterprises


Online commerce platform for unique brands


Smart furniture, kiosks & shelters powered by solar energy