Exiting Senuto to RTB House

bValue exits Senuto delivering 12x cash-on-cash return to its investors.

With the announcement by WhitePress (RTBHouse Group) of its acquisition of Senuto, bValue has completed another exit from its Fund I. The fund invested in Senuto in 2017, providing capital and substantive assistance needed for product development and sales scaling.

Senuto provides a comprehensive platform for SEO positioning results and increasing traffic from the Google search engine. The platform integrates in one place all the tools supporting the conduct and analysis of SEO activities, constantly processing big data. Thanks to the following modules: audit, visibility analysis, keyword database and dedicated tools – each SEO specialist controls effects of his work on an ongoing basis and analyzes websites for their visibility in search engines. Senuto also provides users with the Content Suite module that automates the creation of content in line with Google’s expectations. The platform is currently used by over 14,000 users, and their group is constantly growing.

The new acquisition of WhitePress, one of the leading content marketing companies in Europe, will enable the company to implement advanced technologies based on AI and Big Data faster and to strengthen the product offer addressed to foreign customers.

Senuto was one of the first investments made out of our Fund I. Our investment thesis was strongly rooted in the importance of SEO positioning and lack of language specific tools boosting productivity of SEO professionals in selected geographies. The acquisition made by WhitePress yet again proves to us that the strategy of selecting great products in specific market niches delivers great returns to our investors, which at the end of the day is our main job. We strongly support Senuto’s future growth and are certain to observe synergy effects after WhitePress’ acquisition” said Maciej Balsewicz, Managing Partner of bValue Fund.

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