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Online marketing is packed with performance marketing tools like google analytics, SEMRush, Senuto or Amplitude. Marketers know every detail of every online campaign, conversion rates for different age segments of users, and which channels bring in the most revenue. However, even though still a majority of marketing budgets are spent offline, it is very hard to replicate the performance tracking for most of the budget spent. For years marketers have wondered how to efficiently measure the efficiency of offline marketing campaigns. Until now!

Meet Dataplace. Dataplace offers advanced indicators of customers’ journey and behavior in the offline world with use cases in marketing and POS management and development. Using their unique location data technology, they offer complex tracking of real-life customers, thanks to the fact that they have a mobile phone. Some of the features include:

  • in-store conversion tracking, including customer segmentation to deliver the most comprehensive marketing analysis
  • campaign conversion and traffic analysis based on location and demographics accessed through public databases
  • competition analysis for better positioning of your business.

With an intuitive software, Dataplace is offering subscription to a platform for brick and mortar retailers and brands. Besides basic functionality, users can enhance analyses and predictions by connecting their own data to the software to gain even more detailed information. The real killer however is the fact that the data can be analyzed not only by the data engineers but by marketing specialists with no real technical experience. The easiness of the platform and insight it provides makes it a must-have solution for retailers, but also FMCG brands, banks and every brick and mortar store that wants to boost and better measure their marketing efforts, calculate the possible efficiency of another store and analyze the influence of competitive landscape for new venues.

Dataplace was founded by Hubert Guzera and Tomasz Władziński, experienced in strategic and marketing advisory. They share a passion for efficiency and creating innovative solutions to unconventional challenges. Dataplace is headquartered in Lisbon and was a graduate of the Lisbon Challenge accelerator.

Today, we are very excited to announce that bValue has invested in Dataplace, joining investors from the Lisbon Challenge accelerator. The investment is to fuel further product development and international expansion. 


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